Softwares for Sony Ericsson moblies


The Sony Ericsson brand of mobiles are are totally great. The only grudge I have about them is the PC suite. It does not live up to the standards set by the phone. But, this is where free software comes in . The following few softwares will allow you to get that bit extra from your great phone.

MyPhoneExplorer :

A total replacement to the official Sony Ericsson PC Suite, this provides great syncing capabilities along with horde of other notable features. The calender can be updated directly from the PC, messaging can be done from the PC and total backups can also be performed. The statistics provided by this software are also awesome…Check the screen shot of the calender view below.

Themes Creator:

This is a great utility for creating and editing themes for your mobile…Make it look as good as it can.

Both these softwares can be found on the Lasyk webpage. The site also contains lots of themes wallpapers and other stuff.

For more themes, firmware updates and other guides check Esato and eSeth.

For Java applications for your mobile phones check the site GetJar.


One Response to “Softwares for Sony Ericsson moblies”

  1. PARIMAL Says:

    Chinmay,could you please tell me the name of the software with which I can send and receive themes by bluetooth with my N72 mobile.

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