HALO 2 – Totally Playable on XP


Master Chief returns, now on the PC. Is he restricted by the “Vista only” tag??? I don’t think so. Halo 2 can be perfectly run on the Windows XP platform ( that would be a huge relief for those who are facing compatibility issues in Vista and are fans of the series.) The method is explained in full detail on this site. Its quite a simple process, however, whether its legitimate to run Halo 2 on XP??? I guess we will never know….For now enjoy Master Chief’s return.

P.S :: Will post a review when I complete the game.



One Response to “HALO 2 – Totally Playable on XP”

  1. @$%deja vu$% Says:

    lol.. who cares whether it is legitimate or not?:)
    (try making a list of all the legitimate s/w u have on ur comp.. blank papers not accepted :P)

    imp thing is it runs 😛

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