The Name of the Game is… Frustration.


Linux isn’t all fun. Try to touch the kernel, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. All I have learnt is, to do 2 minutes of useful work, one must first spend 5 days either banging one’s head on the keyboard or vacantly staring at the screen hoping for a miracle. It doesn’t work any other way. Mr. Murphy must indeed have been a visionary, for as he says, everything that can go wrong REALLY DOES go wrong!

And do you know what the real stinger is? It took my guide just 2 minutes to figure out what I was doing wrong, fix it, and run the damn module! 😥

P.S Much thanks to Sandeep, who pulled me out of the pit of depression I was wallowing in with a simple mail. Muchos gracias, and Namaste!



One Response to “The Name of the Game is… Frustration.”

  1. Prajwalit Says:

    XP rox….

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