Temple of Sun


I was quite disappointed with temple of the sun.

It’s an awesome concept.The game is really really good. Games like Prince and Dave never go out of fashion. So imagine my surprise when the game started and I had to jump, shoot and do all the hoopla. And the programming questions were so entertaining! True, they were a bit simple, but I thought Hey, the game has just begun.

So there I was, killing evil bugs and unraveling the mystery of the Developer when, *poof*, game’s over. It lasted a total of five minutes I think. And the real stinker was that the last “question” was to compile a bit of code in SUN STUDIO!!! Now, why would you want this? It’s an insult to the intelligence of the player. I know the whole point was publicity, but this left a bad taste in my mouth.

I have a few suggestions regarding Temple of the Sun.

* This is a great game. Increase the number of levels. Drastically.
* Do not keep “compile in Sun Studio” questions. Instead publicity can be achieved by changing the graphics of the game to incorporate Sun software.
* Keep progressively increasing the difficulty of the questions. This could be a great way to incorporate Java trivia too.
* We can have a few questions where the player needs to answer a question by looking up on the net, or follow a trail of clues online (sort of treasure hunt).
* This could be one of the most innovative ideas to hit the student developer community and grasp their attention.

I hope the people incharge keep developing this game. It is one of the most fun ways to study programming.



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