Ubuntu You work for me!


I think I have finally found the Linux Distro to settle down with. Ubuntu is a great relief, and I sincerely am not going to go back to Windows! After hearing much praise for Ubuntu, I finally decided to try it out.

I was in for a very pleasant surprise. It installed itself in 35 minutes flat, with minimum of fuss and no tantrums. Next, it recognized my nVidia graphics card (series 7), which no other linux distro had done. Thus, graphics on Ubuntu are far superior to any other Linux distro I have tried, and even outdo windows Vista. The best surprise of all however, was when it even detected my soundcard, which is ASUStek soundMAX Integrated HD Audio. I had failed miserably to find the drivers for this card online during the previous month, when I was experimenting with other distros.

Thirdly, I used to wonder if I could ever find a tool to rival Yast. Ubuntu provides the answer with aptitude/apt-get and Synaptic Package Manager. Easiest installer I have ever encountered, even with Windows Add/Remove in the race.

I can now say that I have truly given up Windows, as it has been a week since I logged into windows. Music was never as much fun as it is with amarok, and movies can be seen on either vlc or totem. What about the daily downloading? Enter Deluge, the torrent client for linux. As for eye candy, I’m on the way of installing Beryl/Compiz.

What else could anyone want?



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