ZFS: The First Word on Seminars


As I said, I had planned my ZFS seminar for the first week of March. Let me give you a bit of background detail about this thing. We in the Pune University, i.e. the oppressed lot, have to give a technical seminar on anything that is on the “bleeding edge” of technology as part of our T.E curriculum. With a bit of deliberation, and a vague idea of killing two birds with one stone, I chose ZFS as my seminar topic. It would be only right to mention here that Anil helped me find the right topic. Thanks man, you’re an indispensable help!

So out I set on a tryst with ZFS! (Forgive the prolix prose, I tend to get carried away:P). And boy-oh-boy, what a delight it turned out to be. This is such a super area for work, that my professor jumped up and down and said that I MUST consider this for my B.E. project.

After putting in some work on understanding what the fuss was all about, I set about writing my paper. There is a lack of documentation on ZFS. All the documents available focus on administration, but none explain the basic fundas of ZFS. So, I couldn’t copy-paste my report, which is what everyone does, whether they accept it or not. I had to see a series of videos (ref to past posts), and write my report based on them. And the blogs of the ZFS team too were of great help.

As for the presentation, I just used ZFS:The Last Word on File Systems, which is a pdf by jeff bonwick available on the net. You won’t possibly get better slides on ZFS, and this presentation has been used by everybody.

Conclusion: Profs were impressed, I was impressed (with ZFS), and I have finally got my first seminar totally prepared and practiced too!


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