Dial-up on Linux – Always look for the answer….


Its been quite a while since I posted. Well, I am back now and back to Linux. The process of trying to work with Windows again was just too boring. The only problem I had with Linux was that I assumed that Linux and dial-up modems couldn’t work together. As of yesterday midnight, those assumptions have been canned and thrown in to the far reaches of space 😀 Since then I have found myself working continuously on my favourite OS with no complaints whatsoever.

Well the process in itself was rather simple. Ubuntu forums again came to the aid (they never fail ). So, how easy is it?? Just take a look at the following steps and you will realize –

1 . Linuxant provides modem drivers for the Conexant dial up modems, which incidently many of us in India use. So, visit Linuxant’s webpage and just download the required drivers corresponding to your linux distro . They all come with install instructions follow them and your driver is installed.

If you have any problems check here.

2. Then just install Gnome-PPP application in Linux and configure the connection setting s as you would in Windows i.e the user name and password. Click connect and you are online.

Of course you will have to download the drivers from a computer connected to the internet 😛 . Thats not a big hassle at all as most of them are below 5 mb.(the one for ubuntu is 1.3 mb only….I love Ubuntu.. 🙂 ). And for those who use the torrent network, a torrent providing drivers of nearly half a dozen distros can be found here.

Now, for the conclusion I would like to put up a few pros and cons of using dial-up in Linux.

Pros ::

1. The connection speed seems improved a bit. It does seem odd. Gtalk, ( using the web based gadget or desktop application ) which used to disconnect intermittently in Window has been working flawlessly in Linux( using the client or web based gadget).

2. Setup is insanely simple.

Cons ::

1. Now this is going to come as a shock for long time open source users– “Linuxant drivers are NOT FREE“. They do offer a free version but it limits the speed to 14.4 kbps ( or so they say… I have been using the free version and still I found the above improvements ).

Just a tip— Check the torrent.

For those wondering why the title was “Always look for the answer…”, well, I just realised that the only reason I was not able to connect was that I never wanted to 😦 . Always look for the answer, keep aside those assumptions and use open source. 8)

Happy Surfing.



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