REVIEW: Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare


Infinity Ward’s bestselling title Call of Duty is back. Surprisingly, Infinity Ward have dropped the usual and successful World War 2 scenario for this edition. Instead , this version ,as the name suggests, comes in a new Modern world and a modern style. The weapons are new the battles and wars are fictitious, but the overall feel of this edition of COD still remains great


The graphics, as COD 2, are again top notch. The smoke effects, the character models, the weapons, vehicles everything looks great.

WOW!! Night Vision!!

The engine does a very good job of bringing the modern world to life. Vegetation, which has a major part in the game also is beatifully and realistically done. Its not as good as Crysis, but its great. The video sequences are also very well done especially the weapons detailing and stuff.


Shadows are done pretty well.

The basic gameplay remains similar to previous editions of COD i.e. sneak and shoot. You will be playing 2 characters for most part of the game; a US marine and a British marine. There is very good mission in which you take on the role of Capt. Price (YES 😀 he’s in this one as well) in a sort of a flashback sequence. Its a sniping part with a little bit of stealth involved. It remains by favorite mission of the game. the story is also great. The fictitious war is very well scripted.

The weapons are well designed. They handle and feel exactly the way they should. The best thing is the environment of the game. You will feel the intensity and the action of a real war.

Sound :

Sound is vitally important for a game like COD and it absolutely delivers. The general effect of bullet, vehicles and blast are very well done. The soundtrack also is very solid. The sound does its job of creating a very war like environment.

Once again Infinity Ward has delivered a good and solid playing experience with this edition of COD. The story is good, the gameplay is well done and the total time for game completion, though a little short wont leave you unsatisfied. Then again, theres always the multi player option for those inclined towards that arena. In all, another very good game.

Rating : 8/10 ……………………………………………….Recommended.



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