Linux and Gaming??

Gaming sucks in linux? or does it really? take a look Linux games.

Most games found in the above list aren’t top of the line bestsellers but various windows emulators like Wine and Cedega are there to handle these problems. Cedega’s game compatibility list here gives a big list of games which can be made to work flawlessly on Linux. However, Cedega is not free, you need to pay a monthly fee for their service. But that’s where Wine comes in handy.

For example, the latest games like Portal , Half-Life 2 : EP 2 can be made to work with Ubutnu easily. Just follow this guide.



2 Responses to “Linux and Gaming??”

  1. @$%deja vu$% Says:

    there’s a better method than wine and cedega (cedega is under X.11 lecense, so not free.. and wine is *very* slow)… use xen to run a parallel windows system!!.. the latest versions are fast enough to run a wide array of applications… dunno about 3D games…

  2. CDK Says:

    thanks for the heads up….i will look into it… i believe it has got something to do with ur project ?

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