REVIEW: HL2 : Episode 2 (Orange Box review part 2)


Episode 2, the second episodic release in the trilogy of release was released by Valve in their much appreciated Orange Box. The first part of the Orange Box review contained the Portal review.

Now lets check out Episode 2.


Gordon Freeman is back and he is back with a bang. Episode 2 start with you and Alyx caught in the train wreck. Most of the time in episode 2 is spent in going to the secret hideout of the Resistance to deliver the package Alyx had retrieved in the Combine Citadel before it went kaboom. Its important and and the Combine are ready to do anything in their power to stop you from getting to the base. This includes, putting the deadly Combine Hunters, first of the few new foes in Episode 2 , hot on your trail. You will encounter your first combine hunter in one of the great and impacting parts of this game. The second new foe is the Antlion worker. What Valve has done is, they have basically taken all good elements from HL 2 and improved upon them in Episode 2. If if you had any gripes with Episode 1, they will all be addressed here.

Combine Hunters. These things are fast and furious!!

They game, unlike episode 1 which was restricted to City 17, takes place in much more varied locations. Theres a much more open environment to play out here. Vehicles make a return in Episode 2 (for better or worse) and you will be playing quite a lot of part of the second half of the game riding your fancy car. As far as weapons are concerned, all the previous ones return. There is a very good addition to your arsenal in the form of the Magnusson device which you will be using heavily in the last level.

Thats how the Magnusson device works. Simple eh??
As far as the story goes EP2 makes major strides in this department. The story is well scripted and the end leaves you wanting to play Episode 3 the very next moment. Some of the scripted events in the game are really great. The Dog vs Strider fight which was shown at the end of the trailer is very well done. Besides that the voice acting is as great as ever.

Alyx is a very useful side-kick

In terms of hours this game offer a little bit more than EP1 but still a lot less than standard shooter. But its episodic content, so you have to be satisfied.


Episode 2, powered by the Source engine looks stunning as ever. Episode 2 takes place in a variety of environs and Source engine does a great job of rendering them all beautifully. The facial expressions of the characters and the lip-sync is the best I have ever seen.

Nature is so beautiful…

The sound effects and the soundtrack are top-notch and are supported by a very good act from the voice actors.

Dr. Magnusson…this guy just cant stop
boasting about his creations. (Check out Alyx’s expression).

The only gripe I have with Episode 2 is that it ends too fast. I have added a few more screen shots below and a link to a very good Half-Life related site.

RATING:: 9/10…………….A Must-play game.

Check out this site – HALF-LIFE SAGA



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  1. Mihir Says:

    nice review.. short and to the point…

  2. CDK Says:

    thanks for the feedback…..

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