Belenix,Ubuntu and LiveUSBs

A few days ago Vedang introduced me to Belenix, an OpenSolaris based OS. It had a few bugs regarding HDD installation and I was forced to use the LiveCD which as with all other LiveCDs was terribly slow. But then Anil Gulecha happened to Belenix. He’s developed a script to generate a Live USB out of the LiveCD. The usb version of Belenix is blazing fast. I was very satisfied with the result (add to the fact that my cdroms been throwing out LiveCDs while the system is still running and you will see 😀 ).
Considering the positives of the Belenix LiveUSB, I have been looking for something similar for my favourite distro Ubuntu. I ended up with this link. Its got a complete step by step procedure to make your own Ubuntu LiveUSB. Whatever changes you make to the system remain i.e they are persistent, even the extra packages that you install. So now you can have your own LiveUSB with all the packages you need pre-installed.

PS:: I am writing this blog entry from the LiveUSB. You can use your installed system for the procedure, running from the LiveCD is not mandatory.

PPS:: If the cdrom keeps looking for the CD during boot (from the USB ), just eject it and the process will continue.


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2 Responses to “Belenix,Ubuntu and LiveUSBs”

  1. Aditya Shevade Says:

    Hey… I think that belenix is a must for me now… Since you will keep telling me your findings and with my current knowledge of belenix, I would be a dumb bunny.

    As for the Ubuntu thing…. You serious that you did not know about that LIVE USB thing before this?

    Plus, you must check the puppy linux and knoppix. Puppy lets you save your config and files and additional software on the CD (yeah…. CD, multisession CD-R not CD-RW). Knoppix has a function that lets you save a script (.sh file) on a harddrive (ntfs is supported) which can be loaded at boot to use that config.


  2. CDK Says:

    well…i never checked the Live USB thingy before….I have no findings in Belenix…
    thanks for the heads up about Puppy and Knoppix…Still Usbs are always faster than CDs.

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