Ubuntu LiveUSB….It works


I have been using the Ubuntu Live USB since I made it and I must say I am pretty impressed. It works and it works really well.

Things that work:

  • All settings remain persistent.
  • Apt packages installed are all persistent.
  • Compiz settings manager and Emerald can be installed and persist.
  • AptOnCD can still be used.
  • Even Samba works

As of now I have found just one thing that does not work. The fstab entries do not persist. So you are going to have to manually mount the local disks each time. But that isn’t a problem. Actually I find it a boon considering that the local disks on each PC will be different. Haven’t tried using the same USB on another PC, but I am guessing it wont be much of a problem. Anyways, it still is a great thing as a rescue system and even to use it regularly as an OS, which I have been doing ever since I got it to work.

Check out a few screen-shots below.

Fox, Anjuta and Compiz manager with Group and Tabs

The Cube Still Works


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8 Responses to “Ubuntu LiveUSB….It works”

  1. Samurr Says:

    Interestinghtr post

  2. Aniket Zamwar Says:

    how to put youtube video on Blog as in ur blog of orange box….

  3. Wilson Says:

    That’s great CDK

    Ive’ been trying to get persistent to work with 8.04 for hours.
    Could you PLEASE post steps you did?

    I got live USB to work but persistent does not work.

  4. CDK Says:


    use the same steps and the same zip file for 8.04. It works….i have using it since the day beta came out…

    Sorry for the late reply ….havent been here for a while…

  5. Wilson Says:

    Heya cdk,

    I got persistent to work, but at bootup and shut down, get a lot of bad sectors. Have you also noticed this? Not sure if it’s my usb device.

  6. CDK Says:


    No nothing of that sort…..during first boot up in persistent it takes time….after that its usually smooth sailing….i will look into it again…

  7. Ajay Says:

    Waooo, gr8 post Chinmay. Did u find any way to automount NTFS partitions in Solaris ? If yes please post it on my blog also.

  8. CDK Says:

    @wilson :: Persistent was broken in the 8.04 final release….found the solution on the post in the forums ( u post it seems). Thanks…

    Others having problems with 8.04 and persistence can have a look here…


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