Finally…Google Talk’s Talk in Linux!!!

First off, special thanks to Aditya and Amod Jaltade ( these guys have been using this).

I have been trying to get Google Talk’s Talk functionality to work in Linux for a long long time. I tried quite a lot of options. Started with Google Talk itself through wine. It never worked. Then I went on to experiment with Jabbin and Tapioca, both of which gave the same results. Finally, I ended up using GTalk with Windows on Virtual Box ( which is CRAZY!!!). The end result– I stopped using the talk feature. Finally, after so many days, I get it to work. Empathy is the answer to all the questions. It works like a charm ( atleast the talk part does).
Empathy is a IM client for Telepathy which in its latest release (v 0.23.3) supports the talk feature. You can find a installation guide for Ubuntu here.

As i mentioned earlier, it does work like a charm. However the project is quite nascent and within in a few minutes of using it I found the following features that are missing:::

  • No sound notifications, even on phone calls ( this can be rather frustating)
  • No notifications for new mails.
  • Invisible functionality of Gmail still doesn’t work ( I think this is a Jabber issue).
  • File transfer is till not implemented.

You can find more of these missing features here. Most of them are to be included till the Gnome 2.26 release.

Even with all these shortcomings, I am still satisfied with the Talk part ( there is a slight echo during talk– but better than no talk at all). Until the next release, enjoy Talking .



3 Responses to “Finally…Google Talk’s Talk in Linux!!!”

  1. Aditya Shevade Says:

    In one line… Use google talk gadget. No need to install anything πŸ™‚

    AND, please switch on anonymous commenting. My blog link gets screwed up in this. πŸ™‚

  2. CDK Says:

    Sorry to disappoint you but the call functionality in the Gadget also works only in Windows…..jara nit baghat ja re…

  3. Aditya Says:

    Alas.. after all these years, you still fail to know when I am pulling your leg… 😦

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