What kind of browser could exist if you started from scratch….


and built on the best elements out there?

There is already enough buzz on the net without me adding my two cents. All I can say is, so far, I love it!

Check out the comic book, which explains the design, inspiration, and under-the-hood stuff quite well!

Finally, if you’re the geeky type (which you would have to be to a)visit this blog and b)read through the entire comic), don’t miss this video.

P.S. Did you notice? I wrote the entire post without mentioning the product!


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2 Responses to “What kind of browser could exist if you started from scratch….”

  1. CDK Says:

    now that u are using windows … we get software that is released for win and not lin ( yet)… but still open source…good….3 articles in 2 weeks…i guess u were really serious abt the I _will_ sincerely part..

  2. Vedang Says:

    you have not seen anything yet!
    as always, I have modded my desktop, taking great pains to make it as awesome as possible…
    look out for the “must have” windows post next
    as always… all will be open-source! 😀

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