This is a sincere request to all the readers of my blog ::Please read

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

before asking them on any forums, ircs and most important of all in personal emails.

When I was told about this article by my friend Vedang, I never thought I was gonna put this up here. This article is written by a Linux kernel hacker and totally applies to his class of people. They deserve such respect ( not me) . But seriously; how hard can it be to Google around for answers or even search the official forums ( or some blog posts 😛 ) . I mean things like “Help me…xyz is not working??!!” are insanely frustrating. Moreover, some effort on your side ( google results , forums posts tried ) will help people helping you to eliminate possible ‘noob’ solutions and get you a solution sooner. So please do read the above document before asking for help ( even your friends 🙂 ).

Btw this is how Linux Developers must feel about ‘noob’ questions ::

For those who are totally uninitiated — even this and this might be a useful read.


This article is not written because of or targeted at any particular individual. Any resemblance to real events would be considered a mere coincidence. People are always there to help,just do ur homework first.


13 Responses to “HOW TO ASK QUESTIONS”

  1. Aniket Zamwar Says:

    ..i think the Last 4-5 Lines after disclaimer are for me..!!
    good article…teaches to solve problem..
    find solutions…
    nt read completely…but will read as soon as possible..

  2. CDK Says:

    @aniket:: as i said .. not directed at anyone….just wanted to get it out…

  3. Pal Says:

    vava..changlayy…amchyasarkhya adani lokanna upyog hoil :)…

    n disclaimer kayy tomne marnyasathich na?…mi manala lavun nai ghetla ho :p

  4. Amod Says:

    nice one !!
    i know a bunch of people who could use this…including me !!

  5. CDK Says:

    @amod…email it to them….i just enable that feature 😛

  6. Amod Says:

    lol !! xD

  7. Aniket Zamwar Says:

    btw the video is also good..
    we r the small problem..
    and ur the penguin…
    but dnt do wat the penguin did with the first one…

  8. CDK Says:

    @aniket…as i mentioned … its not about me wanting respect…if u think that…then i u mis interpret….it just about making things easy for everyone…what with projects in action…i am sure lots of forum activity is gonna take place..

  9. gaurav Says:

    quite mean of cdk to brush us poor fellows off this way, whaddya think @ others! 😛 😛 jokes apart..i think this post will increase the awareness of “how to ask questions” etiquette which is good for all of us..

  10. @$%deja vu$% Says:

    good good…
    actually most of the stuff is quite intuitive.. i mean, you MUST help yourselves before you ask others help. they aren’t your servants, even after writing genuinely good software, those guys are good enough to solve stupid queries by us. So, why trouble them with simple questions, when you can figure out in a few min using google!

    + helping ourselves is also good in the long run 🙂

    Happy googling:)
    (don’t take this article personally. they is just basic etiquettes everyone must follow to avoid unnecessary waste of time on forums or ircs)

  11. Aditya Says:

    +1 on this … definitely a must read for everyone … yes … “everyone”!(including those who ask questions, and those who reply to them :P)

  12. Aditya Says:

    HAHAHA… the video rocks…

    /me does not speak about the article as people have already praised it a lot… change someone’s name to mine (someone = appropriate person)…

  13. Vedang Says:

    the disclaimer is actually translated as:
    “To those of you who ask me dumb questions all the time, read the document. You know who you are!”
    but seriously, the document is a must-read. The geek community is helpful, but often very rude. There is a reason for this. When you have spent a lot of time and effort into understanding something, people coming up to you and asking you things without even doing basic research is very irritating. I once had a friend who asked me how to use Google Reader!! I showed him how, then I opened up the Google search page and typed in “Using Google Reader” and showed him the results.
    To cut a long rant short: Guys, read the document. Don’t waste the time of other people.

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