Peekaboo Frustration


Dear RSS subscribers,

If you are wondering why this post is being updated over and over again, I’m really sorry! I’ve been trying to implement a blogger hack called Peekaboo(1,2), and am facing a few unresolved issues.

The problem is that, while everything goes smoothly according to the author’s tutorial, the “Read More…” links on my blog point to javascript:void(0). I’m terribly frustrated because I’ve been at this the whole day now. I have a busy week ahead of me, but I intend to try again when I get the time. Till then, my apologies for making you read the same article over and over again!


7 Responses to “Peekaboo Frustration”

  1. CDK Says:

    so u trying something like the wordpress feature…good good…

  2. Varun Says:

    I think you are trying the older solution.
    Blogger has updated their XML format iirc.A much better way is to Javascript.
    Detailed info is here

  3. Vedang Says:

    thank you very much! 😀
    of course, I’m not totally satisfied, because in this case you cannot place the Read More link where ever you want it..
    any trick for that? 😉

  4. varun Says:

    why yes there is.
    look up the HTML,look for the slicepoint attribute.Allows you to set the no. of characters after which to hide the remaining post.Beware though,it can split your post down the middle of a word,if the ch[i]=slicepoint

  5. Vedang Says:

    no re… slicepoint is not what I meant… slicepoint is a generic attribute, it sets the cut-off point for all your posts..
    In Peekaboo, however, you can manually decide where *each* of your post will be truncated… gives you control over what/how much you want to display..

  6. CDK Says:

    it seems thing are working quite well now…i dont know whether u noticed this … but on ur other blog, the pics are making things look very very ugly…look at the cheaper by the dozen and dark knight review articles…more text is needed it seems

  7. Vedang Says:

    did notice it… but that’s the flaw with having a generic attribute like slicepoint. you don’t have control over where to cut the post. I read a few forums, people seem to think of the attribute as a blessing instead of a drawback… strange…

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