KDE 4 on Windows

That ain’t a typo.

Yes, this might come as a savior for Windows. KDE 4 on windows has been available for some time now but using it hasn’t been a smooth ride. With KDE 4.1 out that seems to be set to change. Check out the following links for more info ::

I am gonna give this a try as soon as my practical exams end. Hopefully amarok 2 beta 2 (or higher) will be included by then. If anyone does install this in the coming fortnight please put up a review.


6 Responses to “KDE 4 on Windows”

  1. stargazr Says:

    savior for windoze??? really..windoze must be occupying 90% of the market..doesn’t really need saving, does it 😛 anyways for the record,i m no windoze fan ..but i doubt very much if kde-on-windows will catch on..

  2. CDK Says:

    @stargazr ::

    i wasnt talking abt the market….i was talking abt Windoze as we geeks see it 😛 ..btw…if nothing else … atleast now i can use amarok in windows as well…getting tired of winamp

  3. stargazr Says:

    haven’t used kde much. so no idea about other apps..but amarok’s good. but then again..winamp does ok too..and installing kde with its some-broken-some-not status..not very excited..i will just be happy to see it working on ur machine..:P

  4. CDK Says:

    yeah….aint my machine the guinea pig 😛

  5. Aniket Zamwar Says:

    i want to see how my windows will look after using KDE4 on windows.. 🙂
    will try after xams r over…
    but tryin Kde for using amarok on windows.. i think isn’t worth…
    bcos..Windows is “Hopeless” and especially vista.. 🙂

  6. Quiz_Master Says:

    Same problem here! Examsss!!
    Will try KDE 4 on windows as soon as exams finishes… Though KDE4 rocked on Ubuntu.

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