Reading Linux Partitions in Windows

Using two operating systems can be a pain when you need to switch between them (largely due to the fact that your college uses outdated copyright software ) and most of your data is on one partition. Well, reading NTFS drives in Linux is now a given with ntfs-3g but the other way around is not quite well developed.

But there are tools available to read and write ext2/3 partitions from Windows. I had been using DiskInternal’s Linux Reader for a long time now. However this is quite a half-baked tool. It does not allow you to mount the partition. You can browse it and whatever file you need has to be saved to your Windows partition.

I recently came across another tools described on Quiz_Master’s blog. Follow this link for info on the same. It allows you to mount the partition and use it as any normal windows drive. Read and write are both supported. But if you, like myself, don’t trust anything running in Windoze there is the option to turn off write support. This is a really good tool and I haven’t had any probs with it so far.


4 Responses to “Reading Linux Partitions in Windows”

  1. Aditya Says:

    I had been using explore2fs till now…
    will surely give this one a try!

  2. stargazr Says:

    linuxreader sucked!! this one seems to be really good..will try it out after 7th i guess..

  3. aditya Says:

    Hehehe…. I had came across a 4kB source code of ext3 reader (in C). Will try to link it if I can find it again. It was on Programmers’ Heaven.

  4. mayur Says:

    Well, I have been using the same tool for a few months. It’s really good.

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