PPA keys, PPAs, Pidgin Smileys and more..

  • PPA keys and PPAs

Its been a long time since I wrote an article. In the mean time it seems that Launchpad decided to add OpenPGP keys to each PPA. Suddenly synaptic is giving me hell lotta errors. Well, to fix the problem just go to each ppa page and add the key in the Software Sources – > Authentication. A short howto can be found here.

  • Pidgin Smileys

Always wanted pidgin to have native smileys for each account?? Well, they have been around for a long time. Funny how I never posted them here. Well its just drag and drop and you will have all the smileys that you always loved. Check here for the tar.

Continuing with pidgin, if you want to add the song tracking feature for your account you can install the music tracker plugin. Go here for all the packages. A PPA for it is also available here.



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