Ubuntu 9.04 Beta :: Impressions

The next Ubuntu release is quite close now. So how is the Jaunty Jackalope shaping up?

Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloud

As far as the features go, this is what has been added since 8.10 —

  • Linux kernel 2.6.28
  • GNOME 2.26
  • X.Org server 1.6
  • New style for notifications and notification preferences
  • Boot performance
  • Ext4 filesystem support
  • And other stuff

A complete list along with download links can be found here.

The most noticeable among these I think is the boot performance. Ubutnu 9.04 still uses ext3 as default root but provides the option to use ext4. I decided to go for ext4. I dont know whether it is ext4 or the boot performance improvements, but startup and shutdown are noticeably faster than 8.10.

The new style for notifications and notification preferences is also a good addition, but it proves to be more of annoyance in certain cases ( pidgin and empathy). Moreover the options for enabling and disabling this aren’t very well maintained. In pidgin you need to disable a plugin to get it to stop — not good for the new user. Basically, this system needs to be polished a bit more.

As far as the performance goes, well this Phoronix article compares Fedora 11 beta and Ubuntu 9.04 beta (with ext3) and Ubuntu beats Fedora with ease ( atleast in the beta stage). So I am guessing performance is not much of an issue. I have now been using the beta for 5/6 days now and there has been no crash, lockup etc. So stability does not seem to be an issue either. Good.

However, there are a few annoyances that I noticed ::

  • Amarok 2

For some reason or the other Amarok 2 has been included as the default amorok version. This is not good. Amarok 2 might be _the_ player of the future but it still lacks many features that 1.4 had. As far as I am concerned this was a bad choice. But I guess installing an older version of amarok isnt much of a chore. A PPA for Amarok 1.4 for Jaunty can be found here.

  • pulseaudio

pulseaudio has been wreaking havok across all linux distros for some time now. It will eventually get much better. Jaunty has a much polished version of pulseaudio but it still needs to be worked on.

But I guess a software version and pulseaudio are the only real problems that I found with this beta. With the final release only about 2 weeks away, I think this is going to be another good and solied Ubuntu release.

PS :: The new GDM login screen is coool…Screenshots of the same and more can be found here.


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One Response to “Ubuntu 9.04 Beta :: Impressions”

  1. Vedang Says:

    looks sexy! waiting for the final release…

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