Wammu – Phone manager for Linux

On windows, MyPhoneExplorer is a great phone manager esp. for Sony Ericsson’s phones. I wanted to use it in Linux so I tried using it through wine using this guide ( actually a direct install also works now.) However, although the phone connected I could not sync any data. The app kept crashing. So I decided to find something native and found Wammu. ( Google sent me to AlternativeTo — interesting site).

Wammu seems to have all the features of MyPhoneExplorer and is quite good. I especially liked the phone connect guide. The UI needs a bit of tweaking , but overall it seems to be quite a cool app. I had blogged about Multisync earlier and I think Wammu is better.

Ubuntu users can click here to install it. Its also available for Windows. You can find screens here. The list of supported phone is available here.


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