BASH : Alias and Parameters


I was trying to alias “cd” today to do more than just change the directory. The simple approach would be

alias cd="cd $1 && pwd > ~/pwd

or maybe

alias cd="cd \$1 && pwd > ~/pwd"

After trying the above and various other combinations, I found that bash alias does not accept parameters. So, to use parameters in alias one needs to do the following ( in your .bashrc / .bash_profile file)

cd $1 && pwd > ~/pwd
alias cd=mycd

Adding $2 $3 etc allows you to send more parameters as required.

Special thanks to Jitesh for help regarding this find. 🙂


One Response to “BASH : Alias and Parameters”

  1. Amod Jaltade Says:

    Nice ! awesomely useful 🙂

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