Hashbang #! and amarok1 on Arch


The #! at the start of bash, ruby, python scripts is called the hashbang. Its use with the Amarok install —

One or two days after writing the article about amarok1 installation on Arch, a new version of amarok1 with ruby1.9 support was uploaded. As most of the ruby scripts for amarok1 still work only with ruby1.8, I decided to keep my old version. Today, while I was looking through a few bash scripts, I realized that using #! in the needed ruby scripts was a better option. So, now I use the  AUR package and just change the hashbang lines in my scripts to point to ruby1.8 exec. If only I had realized this earlier 😛 😛

Anyways, more info about hashbang here.


One Response to “Hashbang #! and amarok1 on Arch”

  1. Jitesh Says:

    actually, its shebang (which is sort of p(h)unny too 😉 )

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