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September 13, 2007

Finally, those of us not fortunate enough to own a Mac can see what the Safari is all about….

Apple has released a Windows version of their super-browser Safari! While apple has always given us the best GUI, this supposed to be the fastest thing in cyberspace too! Check it out here!

UPDATE: I’m checking out the browser now, and it’s ABSOLUTELY MINDBLOWING! If only everyone could give us such stunning graphics!

UPDATE 2:as the initial wow factor wears off, there r quite a few problems with safari… the major thing is the lack of extensions, though thats not a problem really n will be solved with time… but it crashes quite often, can’t restore sessions, and can’t be associated with html files (they won’t open on double click)… however the browser does minimize on clicking the taskbar… I hope they’ll take care of all this; either that or mozilla should borrow the GUI 😀