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yum plug-in : Presto

June 28, 2009

I have ranted about Presto in my earlier blogpost. Yum’s fedora maintainers implemented this really cool idea of maintaining difference between binary packages instead of the binary packages themselves. It would help a lot to push out updates. I was sceptical at first about the amount of savings it would result in (because obviously binary difference is something very complicated). I expected a 20-30% saving. Although people kept reporting numbers of upto 90%.

Today, I decided it was time to "yum update" my machine. (crashing pidgin, crashing rhythmbox, bad font rendering). So, I ran yum update. It showed me a total download size of 876MB (i.e. the total size without presto.. since, presto is new and under beta.. its integration with yum is only perfunctory). So, I dozed off. Today I check my internet usage and guess what, the total usage yesterday night was less than 100MB. Awesome! (Usually, presto shows the difference. It prints out a line saying "This is actual download size and this was download size with presto". But, as I dozed off, the line went off the terminal limit).
Anyway, it is infact 90% savings! that is so awesome! Now I can "yum update" even during the day :D. No need to wait for the night free time.

Goooo fedora!!!!!


Live USBs and GUIs

October 19, 2008
Its beta time on the Ubuntu release schedule again and I am back to making a Live USB of the Intrepid beta. This time however, I decide to take a different approach than the one I usually take — described here. So, how about making Live UBSs in an automated fashion?? Well thats what this post is all about ::
For Ubuntu users there are currently 2 options availabe ::

This is the one I originally intended to use. However when I found the second one I decided against it. However this one is a good tool in its own right. Key features include :

  • Detects available USB sticks (using HAL)
  • Partitions USB stick with 1 partition
  • Sets partition bootable
  • Writes MBR to USB stick
  • Formats partition FAT32
  • Installs bootloader (syslinux) to partition
  • Writes bootloader configuration file
  • Copies necessary files from running Live CD to USB stick
  • Sets language and keyboard of USB Live system to match running Live CD
  • Optionally: Downloads and integrates Adobe Flash Player (extra feature)
  • Optionally: Enables persistent home (Intrepid and later only; currently broken)

However, it is recommended that you use this when you are in the Live environment itself. This kinda makes the idea of this tool feel a bit awkward for me. I mean, I make live usbs to avoid burning CDs. If I have to burn CDs as it is, the whole point is lost. Anyways, Linux always has other options.

This is the tool that I did end up using finally. It provided all the features that the first utility provided ( except the flash player one – however that can be done when u are in persistant mode) plus it gives you persistance and the option of making the live usb through an existing installation or from a live environment.

Plus it directly accepts a CD or an iso image as input. The live usb I created is working quite well so far. Btw, this tool is now officially included in Intrepid.

  • Fedora 10

And against my usual practices I am also mentioning the tool for Fedora. Looks like this is being actively developed as well. It also includes a Windows executable. For more info take a look here.

PS :: Looks like the post count just hit 50 — half century. Time to celebrate 😛