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Notes with Zim!

November 24, 2008
I recently decided to get a bit more organized..(you have no idea how messy things had become..:D). One of the things that i did was to install a good note taking’s really handy u know- when i am browsing random stuff and i come across something interesting..or some thoughts that i wanted to put down in an as-they-come manner..i googled a bit and came across a few notable ones viz. BasKet ( guessed it right! it’s ‘K’de app), Zim, Tomboy.. BasKet was out of question for now.. i decided to try out the other two.

Tomboy looks decent. You have decent formatting capabilities, linking, a handy table of contents and some plugins to extend the functionality. But what is missing is the ability to embed images.This lead me to Zim.

Zim tries to bring wiki-style to the desktop.Which means you can can use wiki-style syntax [1] in your notes to full effect. It really is handy when you can use those underlines and all the other things-formatting, links, plugins are there as well. Images can be embedded as well.There is a takeSnapshot plugin which i liked a lot! it directly embeds a snapshot in your note..very handy at times!

Snapshots are useful when i want some part of webpage and put some relevant notes alongwith it.

The install instructions [2] given on the site suffice. Some plugins need additional libraries, etc which is mentioned wherever applicable. The notes are stored as simple text file with .txt extensions. For now, i m finding Zim to be really good. Images, snapshot and wiki-syntax is where it scores over tomboy. Anyone with any better alternatives?

[1]more about wiki syntax here
[2] follow the install instructions from the website.

P.S. I am not good at writing technical posts. This is a feeble attempt after a long time! Hope you find the app useful!